Kessler Studios Architectural Stained Glass and Mosaics



Meet The Artists


Cindy Kessler has been a professional artist since 1980.  Her college training was in ceramics, but she soon fell in love with art glass.   In short order her contemporary style emerged with a graceful flow of line and color. Cindy began her exploration of mosaic design in 1986 when she was commissioned to do a wall piece for the University of Cincinnati.

Cindy is the principal designer and President of Kessler Studios.  She prides herself on being a careful listener and enjoys designing work which brings joy and beauty.

Bob Kessler has also been a working artist since 1980, and is Vice President of Kessler Studios.  His education was in cinematography, but soon followed Cindy into a life-long exploration of art glass and mosaics.

Bob's primary function is to manage the studio.  Using his photographic training, Bob has developed techniques to accurately document Cindy's work.  



Rusty is our trusty studio dog, ever vigilant to alert us to the occasional passerby outside, as well as visitors into our studio.   He likes to visit other artists in our building (it houses about a dozen artists of various types),  looking for handouts or someone to throw him a squeaky-toy.