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..Blow A Sheet of Glass

How To Blow A Sheet Of Glass


Lamberts Glass Factory

We often travel to the factory in Waldsassen, Germany, to have custom glass made for our clients.  Lamberts glass has a spectacular clarity and range of color.  Cindy especially likes their Opals and Opaks, which are colors with a thin layer of white.  This  layer accentuates the color shading, and really brings out the beauty of the material.

Bob shot and edited these videos to help explain to clients the complex process of blowing a flat sheet of glass. 

  • Choose the top video for the 1:30 montage of the the steps.
  • Choose the bottom video for a 7:38 detailed explanation of all the steps...definitely worth the time!

Visit Lamberts website for more:

Slideshow of how a sheet of mouth-blown glass is created: