Kessler Studios Architectural Stained Glass and Mosaics

Commission Process

Commission Process


Initial Meeting:

  • Kessler Studios makes an introductory presentation, showing past work and materials. They also address fabrication and installation details, and the philosophies with which they create their artwork.
  • Kessler Studios does not charge for their time invested in the initial meeting. When the client is farther than a six hour drive from Cincinnati, the client pays their hotel, air fare and taxi or rental car expenses.
  • Prior to this meeting the Kesslers like to receive the architectural drawings and background on the project.

Design Discussion Meeting:

  • When the committee is ready to have Kessler Studios design the artwork, a meeting is scheduled to define design ideas.
  • Kessler Studios leads a group discussion that covers the issues presented in the committee notes, architectural character, environmental orientation, lighting concerns, personality of the congregation, varied uses of the sanctuary, view outside the windows, budget, etc.
  • Kessler Studios shows their past work and pictures of mosaics and stained glass windows collected over the past 30 years.  We get a keen sense of preferences by hearing the reactions to these pictures.
  • A vast amount of information is gathered, allowed to settle and clarify. Then, in a quiet and peaceful place, we weave the often diverse elements into designs.

Design Stage:

  • A design fee, based on the anticipated cost of the job, is billed. This non-refundable fee is applied to the final cost of the project.
  • As the drawings develop, we upload them onto a hidden website page. A notice is sent to all committee members who then review the images and offer comments.
  • When the drawings are complete, Kessler Studios presents them to the committee for final approval. Exact materials are presented at this time.

Contractual Stage:

  • Once the client approves the design and materials, a formal contract is submitted. This includes a payment schedule based on percentage installments, depending on the size of the project. 


  • After the signed contract and initial payment is returned to Kessler Studios, materials are ordered and full size cartoons are made. Fabrication begins upon receipt of the materials. 


  • The stained glass/mosaic is transported to the site and installed by Kessler Studios, at the end of the construction process.