Kessler Studios Architectural Stained Glass and Mosaics

Largo Community Center

"The Woodlands"

Largo Community Center, City of Largo, Florida


14' x 33'

Wannemacher Jensen Architects laid the foundation for the artwork by placing abstract "trees" across the masonry wall; green windows with sandblasted "tree trunks" beneath. The mosaic playful forms complete the woodland scene by providing the under-story vegetation (small trees, shrubs and flowers).  The design reaches out to the citizens of Largo with the spirit of joy, vitality and energy inherent to a community center.

Although the mosaic's abstract shapes represent specific elements of nature, identifying them as such is not important. The artwork is intended to touch and uplift the human spirit at a passing glance. Knowing the design inspiration simply adds another level of understanding, enriching the experience between artwork and viewer.

Companion mosaic inside the Center: 12' x 7'.

Companion mosaic inside the Center: 12' x 7'.