Kessler Studios Architectural Stained Glass and Mosaics

The Clare at The Watertower

The Clare at the WaterTower

Chicago, Illinois


"Clare & Francis" --  18' x 89'

Graceful lines depict the spiritual journey of Clare, founder of a 13th Century religious sisterhood, whose work paralleled that of the Franciscans.  The design speaks of Clare's quest for meaning and St. Francis' profound influence on her life.    

The window section shown here is symbolic of Clare & Francis' "Dinner in the Forest." Communing together in the presence of God, they created a powerful, spiritual energy that nearby villagers perceived as a forest fire, represented by the yellow flames. The circular forms suggest the peaceful completeness that Francis and Clare experienced as they dined. The beveled rectangles symbolize the stepping stones of our everyday lives.  A flow of blue connects these elements, suggesting the blessings awaiting us if we open our hearts to the lessons of Clare and Francis.