Kessler Studios Architectural Stained Glass and Mosaics

All Saints Catholic Church

All Saints Catholic Church

Rossford, Ohio


Eucharistic Chapel Window, 6' x 22'

This curving window separates the Eucharistic Chapel from the main sanctuary. It is an interior window that does not receive direct sunlight. The guidance for this design were concepts like: Veil of the Sacred; Sense of Mystery, the Essence of Faith; Trusting God without having to understanding the whole picture. The glasses in the window are either clear textures, bevels or whites. While the outer border is rather opaque, the other whites are a soft blending of white and clear glass, resulting in a wispy quality. The mix of glasses allow you to catch glimpses of the sacred Tabernacle as you walk by, as if looking through moving clouds.  The dense white glass of the border and the grid pattern offer a structure/foundation, over which the ethereal clears and soft whites flow.  The church is the foundation which offers both anchor and safe haven to our lives.