Kessler Studios Architectural Stained Glass and Mosaics

Peru College Library

Peru College Library

Peru, Nebraska


"The Journey",
58" x 114" x 2" each

This stained glass triptych, hanging in a newly renovated college library, uses abstract-interpretative design to speak of the college experience.  Each element of the design tells a part of the story:  The blue forms represent the diverse milestones of the collegiate experience, with the golden forms being the students moving from one milestone to the next.  The whimsical lines that sweep through the design, both the lead lines and the rose colored wisps, represent the flurry of activity inherent in the college experience, from the rigors of logistical planning to the delightful social opportunities. 

While knowledge of this symbolism enhances understanding, enriching the experience, the artwork is designed to uplift the human spirit with a playful character and rich coloration.

Custom built frames hang from the ceiling, holding the artwork in front of the exterior windows.  The art glass panels seem to float in space, appearing transitory - as are the students who travel the fast paced, and fondly remembered, collegiate journey.